Saturday, April 25, 2009

If you're the new troll that's wandering around my blog posts--start thinking before you post comments!

Hello Troll,

You need to start thinking before you make comments on my blog.

The following comment is from an old post of mine about using Morse code in English class.
Anonymous said...

Your idea to have Korean kids work a little with Morse is a good one. However, you could bypass the English; there is a Korean version of Morse. You can see the table at


Jason said...

Hi Anonymous,

Please think about the fact that I'm teaching ENGLISH to the students.

Why would I "bypass the English" to teach them Morse code to be translated into Korean?

Before making a suggestion about how I might teach my ENGLISH classes you might want to put a bit of thought into what the goals of an ENGLISH class are . . .


I have turned on the comment moderator.

Have a nice day,