Friday, January 29, 2010

Random things from this past week . . . a motorcycle, my school, an ugly dog, a mountain landscape, and a student’s lunchbox — this is my life…

Over the last month, maybe even two months, I haven’t been doing much blogging . . . and I’m going to try and get back to my habit of putting up at least 3 or 4 posts a week.

Last Friday, and all of this week, I began my first winter English camp at my all boys high school. The students are the incoming freshman and I’ve really enjoyed working with them. One of my high school’s criteria for new students applying to it this year was that they had to be in the top 10% of all middle school applicants–and the difference between the incoming freshman and last year’s freshman is extreme.

Anyways, suffice it to say that I’m really looking forward to teaching them in the spring semester, and that my winter camp has been freaking awesome so far. The first camp runs over the course of two weeks, and then I do another two weeks with a different group of freshman . . . I’ve got a series of blog posts in the works about what I’ve been doing at the camp, and I’ll post them this weekend or at the latest early next week.

The weather in Seoul has been a lot ‘warmer’ lately (Julianne would strongly disagree! Lol . . . she thinks anything colder than -5 is really cold) and I’ve been able to get a few pictures while out walking around Seoul. Here’s one of a delivery motorcycle overloaded with pink carpets (?).......

Click on the link below to see pictures and read more at Kimchi Icecream: The Second Serving . . . . I've moved over to and will be blogging there from now on.

Random things from this past week . . . a motorcycle, my school, an ugly dog, a mountain landscape, and a student's lunchbox -- this is my life...


Moving Sale – A friend of mine is leaving Korea and she has lots of stuff to sell…

A friend and former co-worker of mine is leaving Korea and she has a lot of stuff to sell.

"Everything in like new condition unless otherwise noted. There’s more stuff…even some freebies. Come visit and see for yourself.

All prices negotiable – especially if you’re buying more than one thing!"

If you're interested click this link to find out more information. I copied and pasted the list of items and prices below. If you go to the link you can see pictures of each item too. As of Friday, January 29th the items below were not sold.

I wish her all the best and hope she finds success after life in Korea.


1998 Hyundai Sonata 4-door sedan. Green/grey color, AC, AM/FM/Cassette, Automatic transmission. 155,000kms. Runs well. All maintenance records available. I’m the second owner. The original owner was a professor I work with. Transfer of ownership date negotiable but I’d like to use it until the end of February if possible. Asking 1,000,000 won.


Bed – wood, strong frame, super-single bed & mattress. Asking 180,000 won.
Wardrobe – wood, 2 drawers plus clothes bar. Measurements: 32L x 23W x 74H / 81L x 59W x 188H cm. Asking 80,000 won.
Desk – wood, low computer desk (I used it as a makeup table). Measurements: 43.5L x 17W x 17H / 110L x 43W x 43H cm. Asking 50,000 won.
Mirror – large, circular (23in/59cm) mirror on wood base (sitting on top of desk). Asking 20,000 won.
Sofa – brick red, vinyl, 3 seater sofa. Seat covers could use recovering. Center seat sits lower than side seats. Asking 50,000 won.
TV stand – wood, on wheels, 2 shelves (one lower & top for TV). Measurements: 23.5W x 16L x 15H inches / 60W x 41L x 39H cm. Asking 10,000.
3 drawer chests – wood, one chest has 3 drawers (right of TV), the matching chest has 2 drawers and one door with glass front (left of TV). Chests each measure 25H x 23L x 16.5W inches / 64H x 59L x 42W cm. Asking 25,000 each.
Table – wood, folding legs. Top in good shape but a couple faint marks. Seats 4 to 6. Measurements: 35L x 23.5W x 11.5H inches / 89L x 60W x 29H cm. Asking 10,000 won.
Table – wood, folding legs, traditional Korean design. Seats 6 to 8. Measurements: 48L x 31.5W x 13H inches / 122L x 80W x 33H cm. Asking 35,000.
Stool – brick red seat, black metal legs. Height: 18 in/46 cm. Asking 5,000 won.
Full length mirror – white. SOLD
Chest of drawers – 5 deep drawers, plastic. Excellent for storage. Asking 10,000 won.
Coat tree – wood. SOLD
Office chair – black cloth seat. Very comfortable. Originally 250,000 won. Asking 100,000 won.


Air conditioner – Whisen, tower style air conditioner, programmable, including external exhaust unit & remote. Asking 600,000 won.
Oven – Lotte oven. Has 4 stovetop burners, oven bakes & broils, 2 oven racks. Top folds down over stovetop to create more countertop space. Oven is older but works perfectly. Includes valves for LNG & LPG gas hookups. Asking 200,000 won.
TV – Samsung 20” color TV with remote. (Delivery Feb. 19th). Asking 70,000 won.
Slow cooker – Bought from Costco. Very new. SOLD
Steam Iron – Asking 30,000 won.
Fan – light blue, 3 speed, oscillating fan. SOLD
Rice cooker – Smaller size. Asking 20,000 won.
Toaster – 2 slices. SOLD
Microwave oven – White & black, Samsung microwave. Turn table. SOLD
Braun Hand Blender – whip, blend, chop, puree – whatever you like. Asking 25,000.
Space Heater – 2 heat settings, pivots on its base. Radiating style heat. Asking 20,000 won.
Refridgerator – bar fridge, no freezer. Perfect for office. SOLD
Speaker set – 1 base speaker, 2 tweeters, has own volume control. Solid black. Sits on table/desk top. Perfect as attachment to computer for stereo sound. SOLD
Vacuum – bagless, dustbuster style with crevice & floor heads. SOLD
Lamp – silver color, 2 bulbs, dimmer switch. Measures:16.5H x 6L x 6W inches / 42H x 15L x 15W cm. SOLD
CD/Cassette/Radio player – with remote. Asking 50,000 won.

Shelving/Clothes Bars:

Floor to ceiling clothes organizer/bars – 3 floor to ceiling poles, 3 cross bars, 2 baskets that attach to poles, front curtains. Height & length of bars are adjustable. Asking 80,000 won.

Clothes bar – free standing (on wheels) beige, single bar with full length basket below. Asking 5,000 won.

Bookcase – wood, 4 shelf bookcase. Asking 30,000 won.

Bookcase – wood, 3 shelf bookcase. Asking 25,000 won.

Bookcase – wood, looks like one box from above bookcase (works great as a bedside table). Asking 5,000 won.

2 sets Kitchen shelves – wood. Each has 4 shelves (2nd shelf pulls out). Measurements (to top shelf): 47.5H x 23.5L x 15W inches / 121H x 60L x 38W cm. (I hope you can see the shelving - they hold a lot of stuff!) Asking 20,000 won each.

Metal storage shelves – 3 shelves, on wheels. Measurements: 33H x 21.5L x 13.5W inches / 84H x 55L x 35W cm. Asking 5,000 won. SOLD

2 Shoe racks – one is black plastic with 6 shelves (one pr of shoes/shelf), the other is black wire with 3 shelves (3 prs of shoes/shelf) SOLD

Miscellaneous: (Some prices not listed. – Make me an offer.)

Clothes drying rack – white bars, green metal frame. (Picture shows arms folded down – but arms open big enough to hold a blanket.) (Delivery on Feb. 20th) Asking 8,000 won.
Luggage dolly – folds up, sturdy.
Ironing board – full size, regular height ironing board. SOLD
Bedding – 2 sets of mat, blanket & pillow. Another pillow & blanket available too.
Telephone – beige, basic house phone. (Available March 5th)
Dishes, dishes & more dishes – Corelle dish set, platters, Pyrex mixing/serving bowls, metal mixing bowls, baking pans (cake, muffin, bread), Pyrex pie plates, cutlery (knives, forks, chopsticks & spoon set for 10), all kinds of cooking utensils, pots & pans – you name it, I probably have it.
Plastic storage containers – from very small (kitchen use) to very large (clothing, etc).
Weights – two 2 pound weights, wrap around ankles or wrists.
Small 3 drawer set – plastic. Good size for pens & stationery storage.
Garbage cans – variety of sizes & colors.
And LOTS MORE……Towels, bathmat, small cushion, baskets (small to medium sizes), hangers, books (not textbooks), small plastic sewing machine (not hand-held), herbs & spices, wrapping paper, Baduk (Go) board…..

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hard working Koreans in Seoul, 2010

I haven't been outside taking pictures very much over the last couple weeks because of the very low temperatures. Today, however, was above zero so I decided to walk around with my camera.

I'm always very impressed with the motorbike delivery guys in Seoul who work in all conditions, rain or shine. Based on how many delivery scooters and motorbikes I see every day all over Seoul, without the efforts of these Koreans I imagine that businesses would suffer a major slow down without the delivery guys. If you look closely at the center biker you'll see the special wrapping he has around the bike's handle bars . . .

Click on the link below to see pictures and read more at Kimchi Icecream: The Second Serving . . . . I've moved over to and will be blogging there from now on.

Hard working Koreans in Seoul, 2010