Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kimchi-icecream moves from to wordpress

I finally decided to make the move from kimchi-icream at because everybody has been telling me that wordpress is better. The straw that broke this camel’s back happened a couple days ago when I was trying to upload pictures and a window popped up informing me that I had exceeded Picasa’s web album limit and that I’d have to pay for more space if I wished to continue uploading pics to my blog . . . uhm, no thank you.

I'm hoping the people who read my blog regularly will click on the link below and continue reading. The link below is the title of the first post I wrote on the new blog I created.

Kimchi-icecream moves from to wordpress

I began playing around with the wordpress blog yesterday and am in the process of choosing the blog template that I like best, and figuring out how to use the dashboard features too.

Using wordpress is going to allow me to evolve my blogging style, and perhaps more importantly write more often because I'll be able to access it whenever I want to as opposed to not being able to when I'm in certain places Monday to Friday (I'm sure you can pick up on the subtext here, wink wink).

Anyways, I really hope regular readers will follow me over to wordpress, and bookmark the new blog site.

I even modified the name slightly to include a tag line . . .

What do you think?



kissmykimchi said...

Cool beans! I've been toying with the idea of doing the same and leaving blogger behind. Keep us posted about the differences between the two and if it's really better!

Jason said...

I'll write a post about it after I've blogged more on it and have a sense of what I'm doing and what the site can do ....