Saturday, December 4, 2010

I live to scoop Roboseyo's fun video links! Check out "Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus - Must See! "

I haven't been posting much here lately since Julianne and I moved to China, but since things are so tense in South Korea right now with the whole North Korea nutbar situation I thought I'd post this awesome new flash mob video on youtube.

At the time of this posting it was at 9,032,488 hits and climbing . . . here's the video.

Whoever the brain was behind this promotional use of a viral flash mob they are a genius! You can read more about the video and singers in this article.

I'd LOVE to see this done at COEX Mall in South Korea--seriously, can you imagine the reactions?!

I normally tend to just post videos I see online on facebook, but decided that this one was worth reopening my Korea blog cause it's so awesome.

PLUS, it's fun to scoop Roboseyo with the whole finding cool and fun videos and posting them on my blog first!!!

Hope everybody back in Korisneyland is well, and that nobody decides to get all anti-Merry Ho Ho and start a war--even Scrooge would say that's bad for business.

Stay safe, and happy.


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