Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"May the Porce be with you." -- Uhm, thanks.

Walking out of my office yesterday I ran into two 2nd year guys fooling around. One was pretending he had what looked like the Force, and was reaching his hand out Luke-style to grab and draw the other to him.

When I asked him if he was Luke Skywalker I got a blank stare--so then I said "Star Wars, Darth Vader?" Nope, still no recognition. Then I said, "Star Wars, all black Darth Vader use Force?" And added a gesture signifying an all black costume . . . understanding flashed in his eyes and he said,

"Ah! May the Porce be with you!"

This reminded me of "The Shwarz" . . .

And then of course I had to go to youtube and see if I could find clips from "Spaceballs" . . .

And just because it's cool, another video of the best of "Spaceballs."


"My hair! He shot my hair! Sonofabitch . . ." (7:45 into the video)

Wow . . . if I ever needed a movie with a line of actors from the 1980s this would be a great collection of faces all in one movie. The dude from the Police Academy series is in this--you know, the one that makes all the noises and sound effects with his voice, and the list goes on . . .

Ah, the 80s . . . I'll end this with another of my favorites,

Argh . . . the soundtrack is a little too treble and tinny . . . try this one, it has footage from the movie AND the music video.


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Mark Eaton said...

What a crack up....I enjoy the work done by Mel Brooks. Thanks for sharing this.