Wednesday, February 11, 2009

'Korea's First Nude Beach' will be on Jejudo? LOL!

I saw this on the digital chosunilbo site . . .

Jeju Island Looks to Open Korea's First Nude Beach

Jeju provincial government is actively reviewing a proposed nude beach on the resort island. If approved, the measure would allow naked sunbathing on some beaches.

The local autonomous government recently sounded out the opinion of village organizations that operate beaches, and villagers responded positively to the plan.

I'm wondering who will be stupid enough in the expat community to go nude on the beaches once they open . . . and how fast Korean 'news' dudes with super zoom lenses will be snapping their photos and then putting them up on the Net . . . bad enough when you go to a mud festival here and your body ends up being used for Korean advertising without your permission or compensation . . .

Maybe I'll finally get my butt in gear and go visit Jejudo, lol.

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