Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Learning English Funny Commercials and Videos

Another reason for all us teachers to remember to do listening comprehension exercises with voices that are not only 'American' (as in the most sought after (in Korea) and preferred 'white,' blond, mid-Western accent).

This one is called "funny translator" . . . I kept hoping she'd do Korean but sadly she didn't.

This might be a good example of TPR gone wayyyyyyy wrong, lol. I first saw this kind of video on Roboseyo's blog. Here's something similar, ("Oh Toshi!" Every time I say this Julianne and I burst out laughing--thanks Roboseyo) but I can't find the video on Roboseyo's blog (if that's where I saw it first) that these Korean guys are using as their model. Ah, here's the original.

Something people who don't live here won't know is that cross-dressing is kind of a mainstream phenomenon here in school dramas and other forms of entertainment. The first time I got to see a middle school drama festival day on Ganghwa Island I nearly fell over dead when one of my students walked on stage in full drag, seriously!

Here's a hilarious video of Japanese comedians in an English classroom. If they laugh while they watch an English "learning video" they get the flat side of what I think is a "shinai, a practice sword, is also used in Japan as a spanking implement, particularly in esteemed private extracurricular schools" (from

I remember reading in one of the Korean history books I have that during the colonial period in Korea that teachers would wear swords while in the classroom and use it for disciplining the students . . . wow.

It's hard not to watch the video and think of some of the students I've had in Korea and how they struggle to remember days of the week, and other basic English words. I was no better in my French classes in middle school--luckily Madame Reaune couldn't use her meter stick for anything other than the illusion of fear. And use it she did. I'll never forget the day that she smashed it to a million pieces while screaming at us to shut up (we were NOT a well-behaved class, lol) . . . looking back at that I can't believe she wasn't fired or something.

Unrelated to learning English but still very entertaining: Human Tetris!

And of course, why not put foreign girls in bikinis in the game too? The positions they have to do are, ahem, 'suggestive'--lol.

I wonder what else I'll find on youtube tonight?


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