Thursday, August 6, 2009

Went for a walk with my new macro lens . . . aww look at the flowers!

This afternoon I went for a walk to run some errands and I took my new macro lens with me. I'd read that you can do 'landscape' shots with this lens and wanted to try a few. Here's one of the temple near my house.

The details are amazingly sharp and clear considering I was about 150 meters away from it and not using a tripod--wow.

I then did what I'm sure every first time owner of a macro lens does--took pics of flowers. The bugger is that if it's windy and you have no tripod the degree of success is already limited before you begin. All that being said I think I got some decent shots for my first time out with the macro.

I think I'm going to do some Internet research and see where there are a lot of NICE flowers in London--the dandelions are alright . . . but yeah, it ain't the Miss Universe of Flowers.

This is my first macro insect shot. It was not easy as the little bee (wasp?) here kept moving around and the flower was blowing in the wind--the double-whammy-movement-factor did NOT help me to get a clean shot. Lesson for the future: look for flowers sheltered from the wind.

Then I saw this neat little ride--haven't seen it in Korea yet, but I'm sure it'll make an appearance at some point . . . maybe.

And some more random weed shots.

In front of Loblaw (Formerly known as the grocery store LoblawS) there were these nice fellows,

And then I saw Mr. Seagull in the parking lot.

I think this is probably one of the nicest shots I got today.

Arriving at home I took a picture of some flowers in my mother's front yard mini-garden.

I like the contrasts of light and dark, and white and black in these next pics.

Sparkly . . .

And thus ends my first foray into macro flower shots.

I might go see the new G.I. Joe movie tonight . . . or tomorrow. I seriously hope that this movie isn't in the crap category that Terminator and Transformers plummeted into after I was so hyped about them and then was so totally let down . . .

Wish me luck,


Mark Eaton said...

Very nice, indeed.

Jason said...

Thanks Mark. I'm my own worst critic though I am getting better at seeing when I do something well. I just don't know much yet about macro pics so I don't know if I'm doing well or just wandering aimlessly around with my camera ...

I think 1 or 2 of the pics were really good, and it's going to be fun to learn more about the lens and how to use it.

Ciao for now.

kushibo said...

Then I saw this neat little ride--haven't seen it in Korea yet, but I'm sure it'll make an appearance at some point . . . maybe.

I saw one just the other day. And I was surprised not so much because of this cube-like car (which are becoming popular in Hawaii and the lesser United States), but because it was a Nissan. Nissan anything in Honda/Lexus/BMW territory (i.e., Korea) is novel.

With the Kia Soul and other similar vehicles, this type of car is likely to find a following in Korea regardless of make.