Thursday, January 1, 2009

BB Gun Shooting Range in Chuncheon

Julianne and I went to Myongdong in Chuncheon last night to eat and then wander around.

Earlier in the week, Julianne picked up a miniature globe from GS Mart to put together. She's using it in her English winter camp as something the students can look at and think about how to make their fantasy island maps a little more global, or something along those lines . . .

Anyways, Julianne loves putting puzzles together--not really my thing, so I killed some time snapping pics of her doing that.

I finally discovered the BB gun rifle range (sounds a lot more impressive than it actually is) in Myongdong, Chuncheon.

If you're in the area and want to find it walk down the main shopping walkway and when you reach the small street that has KFC on its right, turn left and walk UP the hill. On your right you'll see another shopping area with a store called ABC Shoes (I think). Take the path on the left that has shops on either side of it (as opposed to the other side where the shoe store is) and look for the movie theater and arcade that are in the back left corner of this area. Just before you reach the movie theater you'll see the shooting range on your left.

It costs 2 000won for 50 pellets with the rifle, and 1 000won for 20 pellets with the hand gun.

I wouldn't waste time with the hand gun. The air pressure feeding the guns from a hose is very high but the weight and shape of the pellet is very light and small so the velocity and accuracy of the pellets fired out of the hand gun is pretty crappy. If you've ever fired a real gun you'll just snicker at the hand gun . . .

The rifle, however, is pretty good all things being considered. I shot two sets of 50, and both times got a score of 3000. Apparently the record is something like 3810 . . . so I'm gonna go back every once and while until I beat the record, or at least achieve that score myself (I don't know if you can score above 3810, it might be the maximum). I don't think the digital scoring system keeps track of time. I think it just tracks how many times you strike and knock over the targets.

Anyways, it was a fun way to kill some time (no pun intended, lol).

There are some prizes you can win depending on your score. I'm not sure how the whole prize system works as the signs were in Korean. I chose a little key chain that you can put a mini-picture in and gave it to Julianne . . .

I'm going to go back some time in the next couple of days and try to get the maximum score . . .


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