Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happiest Blogger Nomination? -- Wow . . .

When Roboseyo posted a comment letting me know I had been nominated for "Happiest Korea Blogger" I nearly fell off my chair in shock and disbelief.

I deliberately choose not to post on the Internet, a GLOBAL STAGE, all of the vitriolic commentary about the insanity that I experience for at least one moment each day as I live and teach in Korea.

Writing is an act of survival for many people. Writing about lived experiences is also a re-enactment--I generally choose to not re-enact things that make me crazy about living and working in Korea because experiencing the trauma once is more than enough.

In 2007 I nearly lost my sanity and my humanity because of the working conditions I had and I made myself a promise to focus on the things I can control and change, and learned to let go--for the most part--the things that I can't. Posting for the voyeuristic consumption of others on the Net my episodes of temporary rage and insanity when things happen is not a part of that agenda.

Anyways . . . I'll write more about this later--Julianne is sitting next to me putting on her socks and full of "we gotta go do stuff" energy (more on that later too).

The coolest thing about The Golden Klog Awards is that there are a ton of new blogs I'm going to be checking out over the next week or so.

I'm curious to see who wins the Happiest Blogger--I'm pretty sure it won't be me.

Happiest Korea Blogger, 2008
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Diana said...

Dude... I so hear you on the "Happiest Blogger" nom. I think it's really like the award for "able to keep their angry rantings about Korea to a minimum in public forums." Haha.

That said, what I've read on your blog, I dig.

I think I'll be linking you. I enjoy your pictures. You and your lady seem to be making the most of your time here!

P.S. I just have to note because it strikes me as funny that my word verification for posting this comment is "retease." Seriously. How do you do that, I wonder?

Jason said...

I wish I could choose the word verifications . . . I'd have a lot of fun with that, lol.

Thanks for the linkage, and I'm glad you like the pics. I've been reading a photography book now for a while and trying to get the fundamentals of SLR photography under my belt--I think I'm making some progress, but some days it feels like I'm learning to fly the NASA shuttle without a license . .

Have a good weekend,