Friday, January 9, 2009

Clear Blue Winter Skies in Chuncheon, South Korea

A couple days ago I went to meet Julianne at GS Mart for lunch. I got there a little early (she was still wrapping things up for that day's winter camp classes) so I walked around a little and took a few pics.

It's amazing how different Korea looks during the mid to late fall, and during the winter and early spring. When the clear blue skies appear during these times it creates a really big contrast without the Chinese yellow dust and other pollution that gives Korea a lot of days with cloudy/smoggy/overcast skies . . .

This is the sidewalk that Julianne has to walk down to get to GS Mart from her school. I decided to meet her on the school end of it to walk back with her so that if one of us fell the other could try and help--or put another way Julianne is not used to icy sidewalks because Atlanta generally doesn't get them that often whereas me being from Canada I look at them as a normal part of winter so I try to help her safely walk over the icy sidewalks here when I can.

This pic pretty much sums up something that many foreigner English teachers comment on about architectural design in Korea--everything looks the same.

I saw this cool little ride walking away from GS Mart after lunch with Julianne. The design is awesome. When it's raining you're dry; when it's snowing you're dry and protected; when it's sunny you're in the shade . . . awesome.

These shots are of the playing field at the university where I work. I love the little bit of white clouds mixed in with the blue sky . . . you can see the two new student dorms on the left that have been under construction for a while now.

I am still trying to get 'the shot' of this bird in full detail and closeup perfection . . . and these birds are extremely skittish and shy . . . you can see how I'm doing . . . sigh.

The second I begin my slow steps towards the bird to try and get a better closeup without using the zoom on my lens . . . yep--bye bye.

These apartments lie along the road that I walk down when coming to and from the university. I like the contrasting colors.

Sunset view from the 3rd floor foyer just down from my office at the university.

It's interesting how the view changes about once every 6 weeks or so as the sun's position changes with the time of the year . . . I wonder how it will change the lighting of the mountains that surround Chuncheon and the university campus views . . .



Kelsey said...

That bird is a magpie.

Jason said...

I know that it's lazy to not look up the kind of bird that I seem to be fascinated with but I've been contented (oddly for me) with just pursuing it and trying to get that 'perfect' picture . . . thanks for letting me know.