Friday, January 23, 2009

Hibernating in Korea -- Tonight will be -15, with wind chill -24

Julianne and I are in hibernation mode. We spent the day napping and woke up hungry late in the afternoon.

We're wearing the extremely popular in Korea animal winter hats with mini-mittens. I think we've become infected with the 'couplehood virus' . . . lol. Signs and symptoms include: 1) dressing the same from head to toe, 2) taking large numbers of pictures of ourselves in various poses (using the word "various" is also required, lol).

Crossing the bridge over the small river that runs along our apartment . . . it was COLD.

We decided to go get some yam yong galbi (Korean BBQ) at our favorite restaurant on the other side of the river.

The river path usually has a lot more people out walking and exercising . . . not today.

We're considering going to Seoul tomorrow but might not. The Lunar New Year holiday begins tomorrow and traveling might be insane . . . add to the mix that it's going to be very cold for the next couple of days.

We might take a short trip instead back to Nami Island. It's supposed to snow this weekend and I think it'd be a great chance to take some really nice pictures.

Last night, because a lot of places won't be open for business during the Lunar New Year holiday, we went and got some groceries. Julianne has discovered she likes ramyon (Korean instant noodles) and so we picked up a whole bunch of them along with other stuff.

From wikipedia,

Ramyon (라면) is the Korean version of ramen. Ramyon in Korea is a popular instant meal. Korean ramyon is known to be hot and spicy, as its soup is usually flavored with chili peppers. There are many varieties of Korean ramyon, such as kimchi-flavored, seafood-flavored and beef-flavored. Some restaurants serve variations of ramyon with different flavors.Back to Korean-Style Ramyeon at Nenassi's Noodle Bar It is usually served with vegetables, such as carrots and green onions, and eggs on top.

I think we have enough ramyon now . . . lol.

Julianne likes the cheese ramyon--I haven't tried it yet and am a little apprehensive about the 'cheese' that's in it.

Later, back at the apartment, we took some more pics of us wearing a different set of animal hats. I'm wearing a Cheshire cat hat from Alice in Wonderland, and Julianne has a Stitch hat from Lilo and Stitch.

Time to go back to hibernating and watching House season II eps . . .



Anonymous said...

I haven't seen your last couple of updates appear in my RSS Feed and I was curious if it was simply because you weren't adding them, or if there might be a problem with how LiveJournal compiles its lists. (I also just started using an RSS Feed, so there may be some other reason.)

Bibimmyeon is another type of ramyeon that might be worth trying the next time you two stock up on food. The apple-flavored version tastes pretty good.

The current report for Uijeongbu on AccuWeather is a real temperature of -11C and a "feels like" temperature of -73C. I think that might be an exaggeration, but it is snowing outside.

Jason said...

Not sure what is going on with the RSS thing . . . I don't usually DO anything to make my blog appear there . . .

We'll check out the bibimyeon . . .

-73? I often wonder if the Korean police know that weathermen must be drinking and doing drugs on the job because the forecasts tend towards the ludicrous . . . if "felt like" -73 people would be in mortal danger if they went outside.

We're heading to Seoul . . . woohoo!

Have a good weekend,

Jelly said...

You guys are really cute. I hope you're staying warm and enjoying the holiday! Hope you don't mind me mentioning, but your blue cat hat isn't a Cheshire, it's actually the Japanese robot cat called Doraemon:
Doraemon doesn't have any ear because they were eaten by mice. Poor robot cat!

Jason said...


Thanks for the info . . . I had no idea . . . to me the cultural association is Cheshire cat, oh well.


Anonymous said...

I checked and your feed still shows up as one of the ones syndicated to LiveJournal, so it must be problems on their end. If it's not one thing acting up with their site these days it's another!

I'm just as confused as you on how they can justifiably report a "feels like" temperature of -73. I remember checking the temperature before going to Ulsan for the solar new year and the forecast was also supposed to be -73. I wonder if that's what they always post around the new year to keep people from traveling?

On that note, how was your journey into Seoul? I hope you had a good time!

Jun said...

Soooo Hialrious looking At your eifel tower of Ramen! ^__^;