Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Weird bacon for breakfast, a walk by the river, and dokgalbi for dinner

Julianne bought some 'bacon' at the M department store in Chuncheon. I was skeptical as to the quality and rightfully so. I've never tried 'artificial bacon'--but I imagine that what I ate this morning is what it would taste like.

Today was a pretty lazy day for both of us. We woke up around 10am, ate, and then Julianne went back to bed and napped for a while. I blogged and played Mindjolt games on facebook.

Around 5pm we headed out to get some fresh air and exercise. We decided to walk along the river that runs next to our apartment. I hadn't noticed these wall paintings before and took some pics.

The Green Lantern's sister?

The Flintstone's distant cousins?

Ralph Waldo Emerson's 'all seeing floating eye of destiny'?

I have no idea . . .

The mountains that always lie in the background no matter where you are in Chuncheon really add a wonderful atmosphere to a walk outside.

Some sections of the river had been almost completely covered over with ice but the warmer temperatures over the last day or so have melted a lot of it.

Lately, I seem to be on a portrait with landscape in the background picture taking spree.

Yikes . . . I look like I'm standing barefoot on ice while trying to smile and look happy--and FAILING MISERABLY! Lol . . . it was getting colder as the sun dropped.

We decided to have Julianne's favorite--dokgalib for dinner.

After I took this picture the ajumma walked back into the kitchen and about 5 seconds later I heard them cackling--I imagine they thought it was hysterical that the foreign guy took a picture of a hand mixing dokgalbi while it cooked.

Julianne and I eat at this restaurant about once every two weeks, and sometimes more often. They only charge us 16,000won for the meal and it's really good food. Many of the servers recognize us, and they've seen us eating with chopsticks . . . but for the second time in the last 3 visits I was asked if I wanted a 'pork' . . . modify the "p" into an "f" and you get "fork" (Koreans have a hard time making the correct sounds with p, b, f, and v. I looked at the ajumma with a kind of incredulous expression and said no thank you.

After dinner we walked over to a CGV (movie theater) to see what was playing. The "Changeling" with Angelina Jolie was listed but didn't start for almost 2 hours so we gave up and left.

Walking out of the CGV lobby I noticed this wicked display case of Star Wars memoribilia.

I would LOVE to own this . . . I wonder what the value is.

Well, time to go and edit and then upload the last of the pictures from the trip to Seoul.



roboseyo said...

Hi there. Your blog was nominated for an award for the best Korea blogs of 2008, at The Hub Of Sparkle. Go check it out if you like.

Jason said...

Hi Roboseyo,

Thanks for the heads up.

I'm surprised. After the first few postings I did--especially the ones that made you laugh out loud--I kind of felt like I wasn't blogging in the same way. It takes a lot of time to blog in a very funny, insightful, and creative way like those original blog postings and during the semester at my university I just don't have the time or energy . . . anyways . . .

Thanks again,