Thursday, September 3, 2009

And the ajumma said: "Behold! I bring forth the fridge for your apartment!" -- And the foreign teachers Jason and Julianne bowed down in awe before it

Tonight around 5pm the building manager-ajumma came a knocking on our apartment door . . . actually, there was one knock and then the door handle began flailing around as they tried to come through the locked door without hearing an invitation--I love it when Koreans do this! Seriously, 'love' it!!!

After gaining entry, Ajumma came into our apartment and her eyes began an orgiastic frenzy of eyeballing everything in our apartment . . . oh fun.

From outside the open door to our apartment I could hear grunting and banging sounds. Two ajusshi were lugging up to our floor--via the stairs--the fridge that Julianne's school had promised. Ajumma asked me to go and help--and I suddenly found a dozen imperfections in the floor to examine as I pretended not to understand; the last thing I needed was to be involved in the fridge getting broken or damaged and then having to pay for it, or worse yet, one of the ajusshi getting hurt during the moving of the fridge and me having to pay medical bills or something because I was seen as the 'cause' of said accident . . . no thank you!

The two ajusshi were pretty rough and slammin' movers. They got the fridge half way through the door of the apartment, and then as they lifted and flung it simultaneously the rest of the way through the door the ajumma got caught between the fridge and the corner of my desk with her arm getting pinched between the door and the fridge, and her body nearly being pinned/mildly crushed between the fridge and my desk--oh god!

This instigated a series of exclamations from the ajumma with a lot of rubbing of her arm where it had been pinched and a big production about how she'd nearly been killed by her two hulking ajusshi movers--one of whom was her husband, which I found alarming and amusing at the same time.

The ajusshi finally got the fridge into place, and then headed out to do something.

It was at this point the ajumma said: "Behold! I bring forth the fridge for your apartment!" (or at least this is what I think she said, and it also sounds a lot more epic, lol -- And the foreign teachers Jason and Julianne bowed down in awe before it . . .

In the pic above you can see the tiny fridge we've been using that was in the apartment when we moved in. The replacement is a BILLION times better . . . though I do have to admit I'm not fond of the kimchi essence that is embedded within the interior . . .


Main compartment of fridge.

While the ajusshi-husband began plugging in our fridge ajumma began some Extreme-Rubber-Necking-to-See-What-Is-In-The-Bedroom . . . oh joy, oh bliss. Fortunately for Julianne and I we'd hidden all of our 'naughty' things (now aren't you wondering what that could be? HA!) before the appointed delivery time . . . hehehe.

After saying a few more things in Korean that I partially understood, I said thank you and good bye in Korean . . .

I mistakenly thought we were done for the evening with Korean visitors . . .

And yet there was another ajumma incursion looming on the horizon that Julianne and I had no idea about . . .

To be continued.


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