Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Subway merchants, Jongno Tower, VIPS for dinner, and heading to Lotte Mart . . .

This past Wednesday Julianne and I headed out to find something for dinner in Seoul . . . When you're on the subway in Seoul you can generally expect to see someone selling something.

I didn't have time to change the settings on my camera for action low light shots--I'll try to get some better shots in the future.

Arriving at Jonggak Station we headed outside. I love taking pics of the Jongno Tower, and with my wide angle Sigma 10-20mm lens I can get pretty close and still catch the whole tower within the frame.

Across the street from the tower there was a display . . .

I'm not sure if this is a Korean historical scene, or what it's supposed to be, but it looked neat.

Further down the street we came across some bears promoting Chinese language classes.

The bear had a girlfriend who was down the street working another section . . .

Awww . . . cute.

Walking along the street looking for food I began to notice the street vendor carts piled with snacks . . .

And then I saw what looks like a stationary dollar store on wheels . . . and 50% off too!

One thing that's going to take a bit of getting used to is the constant crowds in Seoul.

Julianne and I finally settled on VIPS.

They've got some of the best steak you'll find in Korea.

The salad buffet is also pretty good too.

This particular location also has a coffee shop, and Broadway show theater--wow.

It's pretty much an all-in-one place for a date. Julianne got to see "Jump" at this location and said it was really good.

Later in the subway I had to recharge my subway T-money card. It was my first time using one of the automated tellers so I took a shot of it. It was pretty easy to do.

And then it was time to get some things for our new apartment at Lotte Mart. We jumped on the subway to Seoul Station.

Going up the escalators from inside the subway up to the ground level you get to see this cool dome . . .

See my next post for some pics inside Lotte Mart.


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