Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Seoul subway stairs, pseudo Chuncheon dakgalbi, and dodging scooters on the way home . . .

A couple nights ago Julianne and I headed to Seoul Station to check out the Lotte Mart . . . stairs, stairs, and more stairs . . . at least I know I'm gonna lose weight this year as I live in Seoul!

Lotte Mart and a Bennigans underneath it.

We decided to grab chow in the food court.

Koreans usually drink water AFTER they eat their food--we were hot and thirsty and did the camel thing while waiting for our food order number to appear on the digital display.

In Korean mall food courts you go to an order desk and tell them the number of the dish/meal you want and get a ticket with a number. You then sit down and wait. When you hear a chime you check to see if it's your number--then go and pick up your meal.

We decided to order the "Chuncheon chicken dakgalbi lunch box" meal to see how much it tasted like the dakgalbi we'd been eating all last year while we lived in Chuncheon . . .

You mix everything up . . . and, uhm, noooo it ain't like the real thing in Chuncheon--sorry Lotte Mart.

After dinner while walking around Lotte Mart, I noticed this display of mosquito repellent products and thought I'd blog about it as new foreign teachers are in apartments that might have problems with mogis (mosquitoes). The mosquito coils are really good--just don't sleep with one burning all night and all your windows closed . . . lol.

Shockingly, at least to me, the guy at the entrance to the shopping area where you get your cart sanitized/sprayed the handle bar of my cart . . . wow.

Not sure what he sprayed it with as I really didn't smell any chemicals . . . but it's the thought that counts, right? (Below is a shot of the bottle taken surreptitiously while walking by, lol).

Walking around I saw these cows on top of the dairy section--funny!

After doing some shopping Julianne and I headed home. Julianne likes this pic, so I decided to put it up and ask everyone to write what they think they see . . . lol.

The walk home is always going to be interesting because scooters zoom around in these back alleyways. Some are cautious and don't go too fast while others fly around corners and down the straight-aways as though they're doing a time trial . . . yikes.

Time to go watch some House, season 4.


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