Tuesday, October 21, 2008

2008 October Fall Leaves in Chuncheon

There are some beautiful trees that line the main entrance road on the university campus where I work. I have been trying to remember to get some shots of these trees with the fall yellow leaves and a BLUE sky--unfortunately my schedule and the weather have not been in sync.

That being said, there is also not a lot of time left to take pics of these trees before the rain forecast for today hits and knocks a lot of the leaves off the trees.

So, I went out and tried to get some nice shots in spite of the hazy and cloudy day we had yesterday.

These three trees are just outside the building my office is in.

This road runs along the front of the administration building . . .

This spot is right in front of the campus library. It's a popular spot for students and faculty members to sit and chat. I like the bird house in the tree--I wonder who put it up . . .

The path running from the main gate of the university onto the campus . . .

For some reason many students seem to have trouble steering their bikes. I was a little worried while taking my pics because I did not want to be struck by a student who could not handle the fact that I'm standing completely still, not moving, taking pictures--and they still manage somehow to almost hit me when there is 10 feet of clear and open space on either side of me . . . lol, sigh.


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