Friday, October 17, 2008

Chuncheon Tourism Website Korean-English: Oh dear . . .

This past weekend Julianne and I were looking at the website for Chuncheon tourism . . .

Julianne noticed there was a section for "Korean Conversation."

Here are some of the more "interesting" entries for tourists . . . why someone thought foreign people need to know how to say these things in Korean is something I'll have to ponder . . .

If someone out there reads my blog and is feeling highly motivated, and speaks Korean fluently, they could pass along the following English editing comments.

I fel numb.
I feel numb.

I wonder if this entry is meant for when a foreigner tries Soju? lol . . .

현기증이 납니다
[hyeongijeungi namnida.]
I feel dizzy.

As I said before . . .

심장이 두근거립니다
[simjangi dugeungeorimnida.]
My heartbeat is irrenular.
My heartbeat is irregular.

Also possibly soju-related . . .

아주 맛있었습니다
[Aju masisseosseumnida.]
That was dekicious.
That was delicious.

"dekicious"--if this wasn't a type-o, I'm not sure I want to know what was being eaten, lol.

따로 따로 싸 주십시오
[Ttaro ttaro ssa jusipsiyo.]
Please wrap them sepatately.
Please wrap them separately.

잇몸에서 피가 납니다
[inmoni apeumnida.]
My gums are bleeding.

Yikes . . . do a lot of tourists go to the dentist in Korea?

잇몸이 아픕니다.
[inmomi apeumnida.]
My gums hurt.

허리가 아픕니다
[heori apeumnida.]
My waist hurts.

Uhm, I think "back" might be more appropriate here . . .

입덧이 심합니다
[ipdeosi simhamnida.]
I'm experiencing a lot of morning sickness.

Do a lot of pregnant tourists come here?

[saengni bulsun imnida.]
I've got an irregular period (menstruation).

Uhm . . . okay.

경련을 일으킵니다.
[gyeongnyeon ireukimnida.]
I'm experiencing convulsions.
I've been having convulsions.

I don't think you can SAY this while you're having one.

붓기가 가라앉지 않습니다.
[butgiga garaanji anseumnida.]
I've got swelling that won't subside.

Now this is just plain funny . . .

폐를 끼쳤습니다
[Pyereul kkichyeosseumnida.]
I've been a hastle for you.
I've been a hassle for you.

I guess we (foreign people) can be a hassle sometimes . . .

말씀 중에 실례합니다
[Mallseum junge silye hamnida.]
Excuse me for interputing.
Excuse me for interrupting.

I'm sad.

I'm sad that the different Korean websites and tourists organizations can't seem to take the little bit of time, energy, and money needed to have a native speaker of English edit the content on their websites and other materials produced for foreign people in Korea . . .


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