Saturday, October 11, 2008


Tonight I'm having Thanksgiving dinner with friends from work.

And of course, Julianne will be there with me. I've decided that the "Snowths" will be the two muppets that best represent "us."


We (actually, Liz at work) found a way to find TURKEY IN KOREA!!!

So, we actually have access to two things that are very hard to get in Korea:
1. Turkey
2. A full size oven.

Apparently if you can get a Korean friend to call a turkey farm (assuming there's one near you--a farm, not a Korean friend, lol--there is one that's not too far from our university) you can ask a Korean friend to call for you and buy a turkey.

The farmer will, for a fee, kill the turkey, de-feather it, and then deliver it to your place.

Yes, I know this is a CHICKEN--I couldn't find a shot of Chef Bork with a turkey in this situation.

Though the title of this picture could be, "Turkey Foreplay"--hehehe.

Yikes! I just typed "Turkey" into expecting to find info on small "t" turkeys--DUMBASS!!! LOL . . .

From's entry on "Domestic Turkey"

"Turkeys are traditionally eaten as the main course of large feasts at Christmas in much of the world, as well as Thanksgiving in the United States and Canada, though this tradition has its origins in modern times, rather than colonial as is often supposed. In fact, before the 20th century, pork ribs were the most commonly consumed food on the holiday, as the animals were usually slaughtered in November. Turkeys were once so abundant in the wild that they were eaten throughout the year, the food considered commonplace, whereas pork ribs were rarely available outside of the Thanksgiving-New Year holiday season.[6] It has also displaced, to a certain extent, the traditional Christmas roast goose or beef of the United Kingdom and Europe. While eating turkey was once mainly restricted to special occasions such as these, turkey is now eaten year-round and forms a regular part of many diets."

I'll leave you with some Chef Bork Greatest hits.

1. Chef Bork and duck.

2.The Swedish Chef vs The Chicken

YAHOO! I found some clips with Chef Bork and a turkey!!!

The Muppet Show. Swedish Chef - Rroasted Turkey (ep.4.08)

Muppet Show. Swedish Chef & his Uncle prepare turkey (ep316)

Bor De Bor BOR!!!
(Translation: "Have a good Thanksgiving!")


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