Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"Creme Cafe" in Myeongdong, Chuncheon--The Best Pie and Cake in Korea

"Creme"--seriously the BEST PIE AND CAKE place I've been to in all of Korea.

In Myeongdong, with Dunkin Donuts behind you, walk across the street and down the main walkway towards McDonalds (and the traditional market that is further down). Walk until you reach the intersection where you turn right to go to KFC. Creme is on the second floor above KFC.

The pies and cakes cost 3,000 to 4, 500 won. Some of them come with a free drink (coffees, ice coffees, tea, etc). The chef speaks English and often comes out to help foreign customers order. He's very friendly, and his CULINARY SKILLS ARE PHENOMENAL!!!

The menu . . . yes, only Homer can express the desire, the wanting, the needing of Creme's fine cakes and pies!!!

Oh yeah . . . the kitchen in the back is the CLEANEST I've ever seen anywhere in Korea!!!

Dark chocolate cake . . . words are insufficient to describe this rare and wondrous beauty . . .

I will add pics of the different pies, cakes, and other gourmet things I don't know the names of as Julianne and I visit and try out the different choices.

New York Cheese Cake . . . need I say more? GO!


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