Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Statue of Soyang River Maiden: #9 on the Chuncheon Tourist Map--Part II

Here is the last series of pics from the trip Julianne and I took to the Statue of Soyang River Maiden: #9 on the Chuncheon Tourist Map.

Julianne noticed yet another of the "Nephila clavata, also known as Jorō spider" . . . Brian in Jeollanamdo LOVES them--not.

A few pics just for Brian . . . heheh.

Brian--don't be hatin'--it's all good!

The rest of the time Julianne and I were taking pics went by really fast. The sun set in less than 20 minutes . . .

I really like the reflection in the water of the boat, and the stillness of this picture.

I suspect that this boat is no longer in regular use . . .

There were a few other photographers out and about . . .

One of the boat/ferry docking houses that dot the lake shoreline . . .

At some point Julianne and I may take one of the ferries around the series of islands and lakes--it'd be pricey, but I think very beautiful if the weather was right.

I like using bushes and plants to frame my pictures. Sometimes the effect can be really nice.

Using my zoom lens was interesting, and challenging, to get nice closeups of the horizon with the sun setting on top of the mountains . . . especially at night without my tripod (I had forgotten it).

After the sun had fallen completely behind the mountains it was interesting to see how the light in the sky changed the colours . . .


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