Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Foreign English Instructors/Teachers in Korea: Bandi & Lunis Bookstore in Jonggak Station, Seoul

Bandis & Lunis bookstores are probably the biggest bookstore chain in Korea (if that's wrong, please let me know). They have multiple locations, and each of them is pretty big (especially the one in COEX Mall).

In Seoul, go to Jonggak Station (Line #1), and head for Exit #3.

Just past Exit #3, look for an opening on your left that has stairs leading down to a large open area where exhibits and performers and tables of books are located.

This is a nice area to just sit and relax while watching live performances . . .

The main entrance to the bookstore is located in the center-back area.

Once inside you'll see two cash desks and different directions you can choose from . . .

Head to your right and you'll find the Foreign Books section.

Another shot of the section (the first makes it seem smaller than it really is).

For public school teachers there is a large selection of conversation and speaking lesson books--though it can be difficult for new foreign teachers to find good books that are level-appropriate for their classes with interesting and well put together content. (Watch for my up-coming post about the top books I recommend for new teachers).

Two other sections you might want to check out: Teaching and Linguistics.

If you're a university or training center instructor/professor you'll also want to take a look at the other language skills sections; Korea isolates each of the four English language skills so if you're teaching a course/class with a specific language skill focus you'll find the sections divided in a similar way (again, watch for a future posting about my top recommended book titles for each type of language skill course).

For those new teachers coming to Korea with specific interests in Korean language and culture Bandi & Lunis' offers pretty good selections on a wide range of Korean topics.

After you finish shopping head upstairs to the food court and check out Namaste and their excellent Indian food.

After exiting the escalator head off to your left . . .

I've eaten here about 5 times now and the food and service are excellent. It's a little pricey, but I think it's still worth it.

p.s. There are other locations of Bandi & Luni bookstores in Korea. The biggest one, for example, is in COEX mall.

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