Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Where can I get kebabs and middle eastern style food in South Korea? Sultan Kebab in Seoul: 3 locations

This past May Julianne and I headed to Seoul for one of our weekend trips. Roboseyo had a blog posting, Happier News: My Brother Sultan Kebab Opens in Jongno, up about the opening of Sultan Kebab.

Kudos to Roboseyo for getting a video promo from Omar, the owner. I'm re-posting it here to help promote the place as I didn't make my own video but want to help spread the word about the place.

After seeing Roboseyo's posting we decided to check it out for dinner. Come out of Jongak Station exit 1 and walk down the street with Jongno tower BEHIND you. About a block and a half down the street from the subway exit you'll find Sultan Kebab on the right. As usual I had my camera with me and began taking pics . . .

If you know where Tomatillo's restaurant is (picture below, on the right), Sutlan Kebab is across the street from it.

If you were thinking of going to Tomatillo's restaurant for some Mexican food I'd recommend skipping it, save your money, and go to Sultan Kebab. Julianne and I went to Tomatillo's and found the prices expensive for the serving sizes, the service was slow, and the food not satisfying at all. (Oh yeah, and the 'home made salsa'--in need of serious improvement.)

The interior is decorated with a fresh modern look with lighting that gives it a warm friendly atmosphere.

Everything looks very clean and the kitchen staff are friendly, speak a good amount of English (enough to take food orders), and have a high quality and speed of service.

Julianne checking out the TVs in the other section that has more seating with tables.

If you're out with a group of friends and want a good place to eat that doesn't cost a lot of money, has low-priced quality food (especially for a location in the downtown core of Seoul), and a nice comfortable sitting area Sultan Kebab is a good choice.

If you're in a rush, or if it's really busy, there's a counter that you can chow down at and then get back to walking around Seoul.

Our food . . . the vegetables in my lamb kebab were all fresh and of good quality. You can choose to get a spicy kebab or not spicy. The only thing I might wish for at Sultan Kebab is that there was a second size option for the french fries and drinks. That being said, the serving sizes are what they SHOULD be and I was satisfied after I finished eating. (It's the eating monster in me that wants more of this delicious food, sigh).

Close up of the really nice veggies and lamb . . .

And then there's the SPECIAL SECRET SAUCE . . . hmmmmm, yum!

The sauce definitely added the magical finishing touch to what was already excellent food.

I took some shots of the menu . . .

Sultan Kebab has other locations too. There are two in Itaewon, and one in Jongno (near the Jongno tower).

Oman, the owner, and his service staff.

Omar and his cooks.

I highly recommend Sutlan Kebab. Go check it out!


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