Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Foreign English Instructors/Teachers in Korea: Kim & Johnson Bookstore, Gangnam, Seoul

Another bookstore you can check out that I haven't been to was recommended to me by Joe Seoulman who recommends "Kim & Johnson" bookstore . . . especially for ESL/EFL books.

"For English teachers looking for resource books, you cannot beat Kim & Johnson, right at Kangnam Station. It is a whole bookstore dedicated to EFL/ESL teaching. They've also got a pretty good section of novels. Otherwise Check out What the book used book store in Itaewon (online at which has everything you can find at Kyobo for cheaper."

I probably won't get to check it out until September . . . when I do go I'll take a few pics and check out the store for myself--but based on Joe's recommendation alone you should go and take a look for yourself.

p.s. Kangnam Station can also be spelled "Gangnam" with a "G"


Jason said...

Okay .. . Matthew Tripp--whoever the hell you are--go away.

Your bizarre comments will NOT be posted here.

Try learning how to communicate within the western-cultural-English-matrix of communication the next time you want to post a comment here and I will gladly put up what you have to say . . .

Until then--seek help.

p.s. Dude, I can make some sense of what you write--but that's only if I try INSANELY hard. This is not good writing, and is just a waste of my time, your time, and the readers you are attempting to reach.

Learn how to write what you want to express-then try again.

Charles Montgomery said...

Dear KI-C,

Thanks for the latest post on bookstores. ;-)

But oh the pain of coming to your comments section to see that a truly nutty comment may have been erased!

This is one of the reasons I frequent the Korean/Korean-expat blogosphere - because it contains such a high percentage of off-the-wallers. ;-)

Oh, well, keep up the good work. Do you frequent the used book-stores in the traditional market areas?

Jason said...

Hi Charles,

Whoever this Matthew Tripp guy is you wouldn't believe the stuff he has tried to write twice--it looks like something you'd see in a psychological thriller movie with a character who is in contact with aliens . . .

Anyways, no, I haven't been to traditional market book sellers in Korea--do they have decent stuff? Where are they?

I'll have to try and find one the next time I'm in Seoul.