Friday, November 28, 2008

aeriskitchen How to make Korean food videos from youtube--Aeri is amazing!!!

I seem to be on a Korean food video watching kick . . .

I discovered tonight this Korean woman named Aeri. I really like watching Aeri explain how to make different Korean foods. Her youtube channel is

This is seriously the coolest cooking video on how to make bibimbap.

And how to make kimbap. In the video Aeri says she's making 'normal' kimbap--I don't think this is 'normal' kimbap . . . this is like gourmet homemade kimbap in my opinion. You will NOT find this kind of quality in your average kimbap in Korea.



Jelly said...

Did you notice she put "crap" in her normal kimbap? Ha ha. One of my co-workers brought in some tuna and beef kimbap a couple days ago from Kimbap Jjongu and it was pretty much spot on with the ingredients in the video. When I go get kimbap the nice lady gives me exactly what I want - I always nix the danmuji and genleep because I hate them, and she'll throw in an extra bit of egg and those little fern vegetable things. Yummy! What's your favourite kimbap?

Jason said...

I didn't actually notice any major problems with Aeri's pronunciation. I was too mesmerized by her cooking and wonderful descriptions.

I'm not saying that the ingredients are different from what was in the video. I am saying that I highly doubt that the quality, time, and degree of care in the preparation in your run of the mill kimpab place are as high as what Aeri does in her kitchen. I've seen, and I'm sure you have too, kimbap made in the little restaurants hundreds of times . . . I've never seen as high a quality of ingredients and prep as Aeri does.

My favorite kimbap is chamchi kimbap. I usually like to eat it with dokboki . . .


Jelly said...

Ah - no - I meant when the ingredients were listed before the making of the kimbap there was an unfortunate spelling error.
Mmmm, chamchi.

aeri said...

Hi ^^
Wow, my husband just found your blog for me. Thank you very much for posting my videos on your blog. haha.. yes.. as Jelly said There was a misspelling on my video.. "Crap" instead of "crab" oops.. somebody told me that..and now I know what that means in English. How embarrassing. xP but it's funny also..hehe I think your blog is very cool. I hope you can enjoy your time in Korea and have lots of good memories. Happy Holidays !!