Friday, November 21, 2008

November fall leaves in Chuncheon, South Korea

I never posted pics from a couple weeks ago of fall leaves around my apartment and seeing how everything has turned into the Korean winterscape of browns and greys . . . I thought I'd put up some pics with color in them.

This pic was taken on a Sunday morning when Julianne and I went to Emart looking for some kind of 'brunch.' The left side has Chinese black noodles in a kind of sweet sauce with a lot of fried onions, and on the left is breaded pork strips with some veggies in a sweet and sour sauce--it was way too sweet to have both together and I won't try it again. I do like the Chinese black noodles though, and have it once and a while when I'm at work and we order food in for lunch.

Later taking a taxi back to the apartment I noticed the bobble-head smiley face paradise island on the left, and the devil pig on the right--hanging from the mirror is a Buddhist chain--so, some kind of new balance of light and dark using mass produced plastic icons of the 21st century?

We got out to walk the last little bit to the apartment. A lot of people exercise next to the tiny river that runs along the road that my apartment complex is beside. There are several little badminton courts, and public exercise machines. Speedwalkers, joggers, roller-bladers (not many , but a few) and people riding bicycles abound. Julianne and I have walked along the river a few times but don't do it too often as it's kind of disconcerting to be stared at by a non-stop stream of curious Korean people . . .

By this point Julianne had discovered she was having a foot problem and so she hobbled along as best she could. I took advantage of the pace by taking pics around the apartment complex of the fall leaves.

In the pic below you can see the line of recyling/garbage bags that you must buy in Korea. Also next to it is the recycling station that comes in a lot of different forms in Korea. Sometimes the station will just be metal frames with large colored burlap material bags that you put your plastic, etc, into . . . other places have setups like the one here.

This is the path I take out of the apartment complex each morning when I go to work.

There's a nice little bench here that often has elderly Koreans sitting and chatting.

I'm still learning how to use my camera and wish that I could have gotten better quality pics of the colors, but that being said I think these aren't too bad.


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