Friday, November 28, 2008

Lyn likes to eat steak with kimchi--That's so WRONG on so MANY LEVELS--lol

Watching more videos on youtube of how to make Korean food I came across this . . .

Then I saw a video from Arirang TV channel with a great example of what I call the Korisneyland esthetic. Basically what I mean by that is the Disney reality and social esthetic that seems to dominate a lot of stuff produced for foreigners, and also when speaking English to foreigners and how things seem to get portrayed through Korisney-tinted glasses. I 'love' the Korisney clone voice-over from Arirang on how to make kimchi . . .

I just realized what Julianne and I have been smelling when we walk out of the apartment for the last couple of weeks. It must be people making kimchi. They need to watch this video, lol. In it the cook recommends adding a few drops of vinegar to the boiling water while you steam the cabbage (when you make kimchi). It's the steaming cabbage smell that we keep noticing . . . apparently the green onions that are added to kimchi can also cause 'interesting' odors if it isn't added last . . . wow.

The video uses flavor words like "sweet" and "spicy" but neglects to mention "sour," "bitter," and "tangy" . . . some kinds of kimchi are sweet and spicy, but others are . . . 'interesting,' and require a wider range of description.

When making mass quantities of kimchi it looks like this kind of operation is needed.

I thought I'd add this video on how to make kimchi jigae. I don't really care for tofu, but when it's mixed in with a lot of other ingredients I don't mind it.

This is what I suspect is going on in apartments all around us . . . lol.

I've never tried kimchi with steak . . . so, it might not be 'wrong' . . . but I don't know . . . it's something I'll have to work on in terms of altering my perception of what foods can be combined . . .

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