Saturday, November 1, 2008

"Obama's Loss Traced To Jason Ryan"--WHAT THE HELL?! LOL!!!

This will make sense after you read my post below . .

"Jason, Customize This Video for All of Your Friends

Don't let any of your friends be that one missing vote on Election Day. Enter their names and email addresses below to send them each a personalized version of this video with their name in it.

And don't worry—after your friends watch their videos, we won't email them again. And we'll never sell or distribute your email address or your friends' email addresses."


I didn't bother to read everything on the web page, so I didn't realize that it's a kind of joke that will motivate people to vote . . . . I blame this on lack of sleep at the time of reading . . .

My original blog post is below . . . sigh.

MEAGHAN! I HAVE PICS OF YOU IN KOREA THAT MAY BE USED FOR REVENGE! LOL!!! Nice one, I didn't even see it coming . . . doh!

My name is Jason Ryan and apparently I'm responsible for Obama losing the election this Tuesday "by a single vote"--WTF . . . ???

Wait a second! I'm CANADIAN--though if I could vote I would!!!


Please don't blame Canada for 8 years of Bush (wow, writing that just made me giggle--heheh).

My friend Meaghan sent me this link with the following title and video,

Obama's Loss Traced
To Jason Ryan

Single Nonvoter Tipped Election
To McCain-Palin Ticket

The narrative is hilarious. One part says, "In just a few short days this private citizen has become a national pariah. Fearing retribution local police took the non-voter into protective custody yesterday at city hall"

2005 -- Me at Lotte World

Maybe I should change my name to "Homer Thompson."

Kipu Lobsang, Goatherder hates me . . . lol! "I can't believe Jason would allow this to happen. I am worried John McCain will bomb my goats. He is a crazy man!"

The newscaster then says, "However, the non-voter has become a hero to a small portion of the population." Cut to a shot of Bush with the caption, "REPUBLICANS PRAISE RYAN"--YIKES!!! And then Rush Limbaugh

Then there's another shot of a church with a sign in front saying,

Except for Jason Ryan

The newscaster closes with, "Coming up, how long until we nuke Iran? Experts say it could be as early as Saturday around lunch time" and then the video cuts to this text,

JASON This doesn't have to be our future.

I KNOW!!!!!

Give me citizenship and I'll vote!!!

Too funny,

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