Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lunch in the university cafeteria

One of my favorite lunch choices is 'cheyuk doshirak' (I apologize for the spelling--or lack thereof). It is served in a metal box and is really good. It has rice, a fried egg, and kimchi mixed with strips of pork in a spicy sauce.

Some of my coworkers and I wonder if the kitchen rotates who cooks in the kitchen. Some days the degree of spicyness reaches nuclear levels.

Shane would tell me to try food in India . . . and I'll concede the point. But for Korea, for a lunch, there are days where I think it's almost nuclear. If you're sweating so much that it's rolling down the sides of your head when you're eating--that's SPICY!

Another Korean dish I like is 'dolsot bibimbap.' It has mixed vegetables, rice, a fried egg, and a dollup of spicy red sauce mixed in. It's one of the healthiest Korean dishes, and very tasty too.

I haven't tried the university cafeteria's dolsot bibimbap but other people have said it's quite good.

Maybe I'll have it tomorrow.


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