Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chinese Herbal Cough Medicine in South Korea vs. Buckleys--Which one do you think makes your face contort the most?

In South Korea getting North American medicine can be difficult. Julianne has a and cough and cold right now. She needed some cough medicine a couple of days ago so we went to the pharmacy and got some Chinese herbal cough medicine.

The taste is . . . 'unique.' I immediately thought of Buckley's cough syrup--and Julianne said, "What's Buckley's?" because she's from the US.

I convinced Julianne to let me film her taking a shot of the stuff . . .

You can see how gross the Chinese herbal (and the pharmacist assured us it's a very powerful and old formula) cough syrup is here.

So, now the question becomes which cough syrup produces the most facial contortions?

I leave the judgment to the masses . . . lol.


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