Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Breakfast at McDonalds in Korea--"The butter is frozen. Is that okay?" NOOOO!

This past Saturday Julianne and I headed out to find some breakfast . . .

We headed to GS Mart (a grocery and department store chain in Korea) where there is a McDonalds . . .

I was kind of surprised that they didn't open on time at 10am.

While I was waiting for the manager and clerks to finish their opening prep work Julianne and I sat down. I then thought to myself that I should go wait at the counter so that I could order first. I told myself that it was unlikely that anyone else would show up and that I'd have to wait . . . I was SO wrong . . .

This guy in his mid to late 20s walks up just as the manager turns on the lights. He begins looking at the menu as though he's never seen it before . . . . and I began to feel the Dark Side of the Force take over.

After watching the manager explain to the guy who has never eaten McDonalds for breakfast what each of the menu sets entail he finally ordered, and then I was able to order for Julianne and I.

While waiting for my order I noticed the dessert menu had two unfamiliar items.

1. Affogato
2. Ogok Shake

Hmmm . . . I think Julianne and I will have to order these items and explore whatever culinary delights, or horrors, lie in wait for us.

After sitting down with our order I noticed that the manager hadn't given us any butter with our orders of pancakes.

I went back and asked him for some butter, and he replied, "The butter is frozen. Is that okay?"

Nooooooo . . . it's not okay. I smiled and said "It's alright."

I didn't explain that trying to spread frozen butter on pancakes is like watching Jay and Silent Bob dance . . .

. . . or coming to a party expecting Kelly, and getting this instead,

: I was just re-reading my blog looking for 'lost' articles and other problems with my writing--yes, I've been here long enough that the linguistic landmines that pepper my students' speech and writing are beginning to 'do things' to my writing, sigh.

Anyways, for those of you who know my girlfriend, Julianne, you may know her as 'Kelly' (her birth name--she switched to using Julianne in university) . . . this kind of adds something here . . . LOL . . . NOT intentionally! What would Freud say? He'd say that Kevin Smith has a sick and twisted little mind . . . I'd say that he's hilarious and people need to develop their 'inter-humour' sense of orientation . . . hehehe.

Instead I used the meager ration of syrup that McDonalds thinks is enough for one serving of pancakes . . .

Bacon and egg Mcmuffin . . . hmmm.

I wish there were more western style breakfast food places in Chuncheon . . . but if I had to choose any kind of restaurant and/or food place to open here it would be this,

There are Subway restaurants in Korea. The only problem is that the nearest ones that I know of are in SEOUL--an hour and a half away by bus or train . . .



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