Friday, September 26, 2008

2008 Fall Blue Skies in Chuncheon, South Korea

Friday morning I walked outside to see a great example of a Korean fall blue sky . . .

View from the main street next to my apartment building. I walk three and a half blocks down this street to get to the university where I work.

This Korean grandmother is carrying the little girl in a traditional sling wrap around blanket (not sure what the name is in Korean).

Ah Domino's pizza and Coke . . . and a blue sky . . . I'm reminded of Homer Simpson . . .

View from the 3rd floor foyer outside my university office.

This building on campus actually has some cool architecture.

I decided to be a little 'experimental' here . . .

This is the campus administration building.

Next to the admin building there is an area on campus with many sculptures. I really like this one of an old man with a mother goat and kids following him.

Coming up in my next blog . . .

The Gi-Normous Spider Colony . . .

And on that note time to go to Seoul for the weekend--woohoo!

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Brian said...

I'm petrified of insects and I find those spiders horribly disgusting. It was bad enough when I saw one while walking around . . . then I discovered they lived in groups, and I still shudder to this day when I think of that. They're "nephila clavata": I took the picture there from South Korea. Horrible.

I found your blog through your comment on "I, Foreigner"'s post. Sorry, I didn't realize you had linked to me. This has nothing to do with anything, but I just wanted to add that I found Chuncheon a really cute little city, and GNU one of the nicest college campuses I've been on in Korea. There's another university next door, isn't there? I bring that up b/c the picture in your header looks exactly like Jeonnam University in Gwangju, so much so that I thought you lived down here.

Anyway, keep up the good work.