Monday, September 15, 2008

"We Stuff" Part II . . . Self-Portraits on Public Transportation (I'm becoming Korean, lol)

When Julianne first arrived in Korea in August we took the bus to and from Chuncheon to Seoul several times . . . so to pass the time we, yes, wait for it, took pics of ourselves--yes, I've 'become Korean' in some ways . . . lol.

Taking a picture of yourself, of you with your friends, and/or of you with your girl/boyfriend is kind of a cultural phenomenon here. It seems to happen a lot when traveling on the bus, train, subway, or any other form of transportation here. Often, it can last the duration of an entire trip. I've witnessed (several times, lol) a self-portrait session that lasted an entire two hour train ride--I'm not joking.

Anyways, speaking of self-portraits . . . here's a few.

Bus trip to Seoul (August 2008).

Of course, you have to take several pics to find the 'best one.'

Here we are going through one of several tunnels that run through mountains on the way to Seoul.

Julianne sitting in front of a restaurant in the center of downtown Seoul a block from our hotel.

Street meat (chicken) on a stick! YUM . . . watch out for your white shirt--hehe . . . too late.


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