Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The University Cafeteria . . . Scary Looking But Tastes Good

Got to the university today around 11:15am. I hadn't eaten any breakfast so I went straight to the cafeteria to eat something.

After eating at VIPS last night the contrast was rather stark . . .

Arriving in the cafeteria I saw the standard choices. The menu is good, but I sometimes wish it had a little more variety.

Taking pictures always elevates my awareness of composition, and in this case it elevated my sense of the condition of the kitchen . . .

I ordered breaded pork cutlet with gravy, rice covered with Chinese black noodle sauce, and shredded cabbage with dressing.

I can't complain about the food as it tastes good, and it's cheap too. Nothing on the menu is priced over $2.50--pretty good for a full meal.


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