Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yongsan Electronics Market, Seoul, August 24th (Part I)

Walking around just outside Yongsan Electronics Market (while waiting for my new laptop to have English Windows installed) I suddenly saw a tiger . . .

And he had a friend . .

And suddenly a whole troop of them appeared . . .

I'm assuming he is doing the Korean rapper "A" hand sign . . . I forget the rapper's name (and really have no intention of ever trying to remember it in spite of all my students imitating him).

Anyone in Korea (especially Korean teachers) claiming that the "children are pure and innocent" should keep this little girl in mind when saying this to a foreign teacher, lol.


I think this little boy's day just got a lot more exciting.

Loud music suddenly filled the outdoor rooftop performance area on top of the Yongsan Electronic Market station building . . . and guess who was rapping and dancing . . .

I will say that I was impressed with the choreography (I mean, it must be freaking hard to dance in sync when wearing 10 pounds of polyester with no field of vision). I especially liked it when the tiger and chicken jumped off the stage.

More to come later . . .


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