Monday, September 15, 2008

"We Stuff" (A female neologism)

Last night Julianne is sitting next to me and starts talking about "We Stuff" . . . so, here's some "We Stuff" for you to look at (not to be confused with "Wii" stuff) . . .


This picture is from a walk around Seoul at night that Julianne and I took after she first arrived in Korea. The picture is taken on Julianne's camera (a Nikon--'not that there's anything wrong with that,' Seinfeld--HA!)

I forgot to bring my tripod so I was walking around trying to learn how to do night shots without a tripod on my Canon SLR Digital Kiss. Needless to say I have a lot to learn as my camera feels like a NASA space shuttle, and has as many buttons and functions as I imagine the shuttle's cockpit must have.

So, I decided to sit down on the gray-colored edge of the water plant thingy you see behind me. I wanted to brace my camera on my knee to do some night shots with slow exposure speeds . . . I thought that the gray material was concrete, or at the least steel or metal---ohhhhhh, I was SO WRONG!!!

Suffice it to say that I GOT UP really FAST . . . but still soaked my butt good. SIGH . . . ! I then, being the good amateur photographer that I am, told Julianne to take a picture to document my MOIST (Just for you R&R, you know who you are, lol) BUTT!

Moral of the story: always check to see what something is made of when it surrounds and contains water.


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