Monday, September 15, 2008

"Couplehood" in Korea

In Korea, "couplehood" is a Konglish (Korean English) term meaning 'a couple dressed the same.' I'm not sure how widespread it actually is, but I do know that in Seoul you'll see it fairly often if you walk around.

So, let's list the items, shall we?

1. Matching flip-flops.

2. Matching shorts.

3. Matching t-shirts with crowns.

4. Different color t-shirst: orange for female, green for male?

(Maybe there's a 'code of couplehood' I don't know about . . . lol).

5. And of course, the most important item of all: SITTING IN THE SAME POSITION!!! Heheheh . . .

I LOVE IT! (And no, I'll never do it).


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