Monday, September 15, 2008

Julianne goes to EPIK Orientation in Seoul at Konkkuk University

Julianne arrived in Korea in early August. We knew that she would have to go to the 10 day EPIK Orientation for new foreign teachers. I went with her to Konkkuk University campus for registration, and then we walked around the campus.

Here are some pics from Konkkuk University in Seoul. It has a beautiful lake on the campus. When I would visit Julianne during the 10 day 'imprisonment' at the orientation (seriously, she had to use a key card to get in and out of the dorm she was in--no men allowed, sigh--that had RED EMERGENCY LIGHTS that flashed when I saw a girl try to hand her suitcase over the turn stile to a friend--motion sensors over the turn stiles at the entrance??? WOW . . . welcome to Korean university life for women--no males allowed! Add to the mix the Korean security-haraboji and I was definitely not going to be, ahem, visiting after curfew . . .) we'd walk around with our cameras.

The Konkkuk University campus lake (Take 1).

Me by the lake . . .

The Konkkuk University campus lake (Take 2).

Later that night we walked around the campus after going to see "The Dark Knight" (AWESOME!) and took more pics . . .

This shot is taken on my Canon using the Tungsten light setting. Very cool.


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