Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Beginning, Middle, and End of the Day Skies (Monday)

Yesterday morning I got to work around 9am. The view from the foyer just outside my office was pretty blah.

About four hours later . . .

The temperature hit a scorching 30 degrees at lunch time. Walking to the university cafeteria for lunch was really hot.

Around 7pm I heard a coworker outside my office say that there was a beautiful sunset, so of course I grabbed my camera . . . I prefer the first pic here as the buildings are a little visible.

Julianne liked the darker shot better because the sky is bluer and the reds and oranges of the sunset are stronger.

I moved the camera to take in another angle that I could see from the third floor foyer window.

In August I started taking pics of motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, etc. Walking out of my office last night I came across one of the ultra-mini motorcycles that I see Koreans driving.

I had been at work since 9am, and I was walking out the door at 7:15pm or so to go and find dinner . . . some days are longer than others. I can't complain, though, when last year during the 6 month intensive English teacher training program I taught at a training center had me teaching 30-40 classes a week in the first five week session--not including prep time for lessons and test design for the content. I'll take the occasional long day at my university over that nightmare any day!

Julianne and I ate at a Korean fusion restaurant. The main dish was rice, vegetables, and pork strips in a sauce that you mix together. Side dishes include noodle soup with some mushrooms, shredded cabbage with some kind of dressing, and diced radishes.

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