Sunday, September 21, 2008

2008 Sept 20 Soyang Dam and Cheongpyeong temple Part 5

In the background there is a pagoda . . .

Not sure why this map-picture is here. It doesn't really tell you where you are in relation to the temple. I guess you're supposed to remember from the map you see at the beginning of the path.

View from one of the bridges along the path . . . nice.

Stairs leading to the main gate of the temple . . .

Julianne noticed these roof tiles sitting on the ground. We wondered what they were doing there, and what was written on them.

I LOVE THE COLOUR PAPER PRAYER LANTERNS that you see at temples in Korea.

Koreans resting around a bell . . . most are wearing the 'standard issue' hiking style of clothing that most if not all Koreans wear when they go hiking. You will see younger 20 and 30-something Koreans wearing regular everyday clothing. For example, I have actually seen Korean young women wearing HIGH HEELS when hiking . . . unbelievable.

The ceilings here are very low.

Julianne also loves the paper prayer lantern colors and designs.

Not sure what this is. Maybe to burn the paper lanterns when they are too damaged? Or . . . there was no one around to ask who spoke English . . .

I love the mountains in the background.

I like this shot because the I was able to get the trees outside the door in the back in focus.

More to come . . . Part 6 coming up.

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