Saturday, May 2, 2009

I saw two surprising things while going out for dinner: a KFC ad poster and Navy SEALS in Korea (?)

Julianne and I went out to get something to eat a few nights ago and I saw this,

The text on the side door says,

Gangwon Military
Survival Team
Chuncheon ZeroPoint

A couple things come to mind . . . usually special ops people in foreign countries don't advertise who they are. I also doubt very much that there are U.S. SEALS in Chuncheon, South Korea--but who knows . . . it's possible.

I did a very brief Google search to see if I could find out if there are SEALS posted here . . . and didn't find anything.

My theory is that some guys want to look cool and decided that they should be called Navy SEALS too. I'd seriously like to be a fly on the wall if they ever drive by some authentic US SEALS who decide to ask them why they are using this name . . .

Julianne and I had dinner at KFC. While eating I noticed this poster.

I seriously think that the person who made the English for this poster might want to bone up (pun intended, lol) on their idioms and slang.


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Elise / 종은 said...

not to mention what I really want when I wake up in the morning is a greasy chicken sandwich smothered in mayonnaise. delish.