Saturday, May 30, 2009

South Korea movie times and general theater information in ENGLISH -- Check out this site

I got an email about a new website called,

Check it out.

"readers may find the website quite useful when seeking out movie times or general theater information while in Korea."

For people living in the Gangwon province area . . . don't be fooled by the Google map with no flags marking locations of theaters in our province. I don't know why, but apparently nobody living out here has flagged theater locations . . . or something.

The website does have info for Gangwon province--look for the link location names listed below the map.


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Korea Movie Times said...

Your the best Kimchi

On a side note, the reason why Gangwon has no flags on the map is because it is bundled into one big package highlighted in purpley-blue. I did the same for Chungcheongdo. Just click the province rather than the cities.

See everybody at the movies!!