Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nothing says "I love you" like M&Ms, Hershey mini-chocolates, and a moose . . .

Today was another long and tiring day. I taught from 12-1, 1-4, and 5-6. I would have also taught a class from 6-7 if anyone had shown up but as it's a non-credit course with no permanent record on the transcript nobody comes because the last 4 weeks of a university semester are full of projects and assignments . . .

After checking to see if any students had shown up I jumped in a taxi to catch up with the 5 other foreign profs and Korean profs I work with for a fast dinner at the Olive Garden.

We had to eat quickly because the university English speech contest started at 7pm. We all knew it wasn't going to start on time, or without us, but we still made an effort to get there without being too late.

There were 9 speeches I will write about later when I have more energy--one of which was of particular interest to me and I will write about in detail.

Around 8:45 the contest ended with prizes being passed out for the winners.

I went to my office to shut down my computer, and then grabbed a couple books I needed to do some more prep for my 3 hour Advanced Reading course lecture that I have to do Friday morning.

After a long long long day I returned home to discover my awesome girlfriend had a surprise for me,

Nothing says "I love you" like M&Ms, Hershey mini-chocolates, and a moose . . .

Me being the picture taking freak that I am I ran to grab my camera and began snapping away.

Hmmmmm . . . chocolate . . . aughgughguaghgh.

The candles and Hershey chocolates were arranged in a heart pattern . . . Julianne is so cute.

The piece de resistance was the moose, however, and I thought it was funny to be getting a stuffed moose from my American girlfriend--what would Freud say? Ha.

My girlfriend rocks.

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