Monday, May 25, 2009

Quarantined English teacher Sparkling Chaos -- "Korean Centers for Disease Control just went from room to room posting our names and our “zero-times.”

Another quarantined foreign English teacher is blogging about his experience at Sparkling Chaos with Brian Dear.

He left a comment on my post, "Some info from one of the American English teachers qurantined for Swine Flu in South Korea"

"They're testing some of us using throat swabs. I for onr have been given Tamiflu.. no tylenol is allowed because it "masks symptoms," according to the medical people here. I'm blogging too: within the next hour, I'm posting a brief video tour of our holding area."

His most recent post, Release 7 Days, describes how,

"The doctors and “Blue Vests” from the Korean Centers for Disease Control just went from room to room posting our names and our “zero-times.” Basically, if, after 7 days from the time listed on our door, we are not showing symptoms, we’ll be released from Quarantine."

Another post, Tamiflu and a View, is nuts because I can't imagine first time in Korea newbies having to deal with being quarantined as their initial introduction to Korean culture!

"The Koreans have their hands full with this quarantine, we're apparently the first type of mass quarantine they've handled so the last thing they want is to add to this group. Many of the group are first-timers to Korea, so it's pretty funny how freaked out they get over normal "Korean" stuff (doctors not communicating, etc.) It actually isn't bad at all (except that I'm sick..)" (my bold, my italics)

Brian describes how the doctors are testing him for H1N1,

"I just got my H1N1 test completed a few hours ago. A long set of swabs stuck deep in my throat . . . " read the rest of the post here.

Brian's first entry on his experience, Quarantined!, is very interesting. Here's an excerpt,

". . . I thought I might have escaped detection, but alas, yesterday afternoon, I received a call from my school director informing me that the Korean Centers for Disease Control were very interested in my whereabouts. I had about ten minutes of warning before I was collected from my hotel and shipped off to the quarantine party. The “undisclosed location” is the Seoul Human Resources headquarters. It’s a lovely spot, surrounded by mountains, about a half of mile from the main road, access restricted through two police checkpoints. Apparently, we’re kind of a big deal . . . "

From what I've read of Sparkling Chaos it looks like a blog I'll be reading more regularly from now on--thanks for leaving your comment Brian, and I look forward to reading more stories in spite of the crap situation that is producing them.

I hope you feel better soon Brian, and that you get out and return to your job without any more complications.


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